7 Jan 2024

Gearing for Growth: Alba Upskills more than 660 employees

“Our greatest asset isn’t the machinery nor equipment, but our people. Our people are the beating pulse of this Company, and their growth is our greatest investment”, as stated by Alba’s CEO Ali Al Baqali during the ceremony which was held today 07 January 2024 at Alba’s Oasis Hall to recognise the employees who have successfully completed their planned development programmes in 2023.

In 2023, the Company’s training and development initiatives empowered more than 660 employees to propel their careers forward. Through customized programs like Al Jisr and Skill Matrix (for non-supervisory colleagues) and the comprehensive Training and Development Programme (for leadership team), Alba invested in upskilling and enriching its human capital with knowledge and skills to expand their potential.

Adding further, the CEO Ali Al Baqali said:

“When we invest in our people, we invest in Alba’s future. By expanding our workforce skillset, we provide them with the resources to fuel their journey; by embracing lifelong learning, we cultivate a culture of curiosity and knowledge-sharing where every day is an opportunity to grow; and by unleashing their potential, we push their boundaries through mentorship and personalised development plans – all of which will empower them to take Alba into their next chapter of growth.”

Alba cultivates a Learning Ecosystem by offering cutting-edge Masters, BSc, Top-up BEng, and Diploma programs in collaboration with prestigious local and international institutions to shape the generation of future leaders. Furthermore, Alba achieved a company-wide 6.8% of total work hours allocated to capacity-building activities in 2023 – which is well above the industry average of 5%.

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