EternAl: Redefining Aluminium with Sustainability at its Core

Alba is proud to introduce EternAlTM a low-carbon aluminium product line that underlines our unwavering commitment to responsible manufacturing across the entire aluminium lifecycle.

EternAlTM: A Pillar of Our ESG Commitment
Aligned with our comprehensive ESG Roadmap, EternAlTM champions a circular economy built on secondary aluminium. This innovative approach not only minimises our environmental impact but empowers our customers to achieve their own sustainability goals and reduce their footprint.

Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future
EternAlTM offers a range of options to meet the growing global demand for eco-conscious aluminium solutions. We're launching with two initial variants: EternAl-30 and EternAl-15, incorporating a 30% and 15% recycled content, respectively.

Third-Party Verification: Guaranteeing Sustainability
Committed to the highest ecological standards, both EternAlTM products have undergone independent verification by DNV, a globally recognised leader in assurance and certification. This verification provides our customers with the confidence that choosing EternAlTM reduces emissions throughout the aluminium value chain.

EternAlTM: Innovation Meets Sustainability
Embrace a future where innovation and environmental responsibility work together seamlessly and join us in reimagining aluminium for a sustainable tomorrow.
Contact Alba today to learn more about how EternAlTM can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

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