Production Capacity+90000MTPA

Alba Properzi Bars (Foundry Alloys) are produced using state-of-the-art casting and metal treatment systems exceeding the most stringent of quality requirements.

When it comes to car safety, only the highest quality and most reliable materials are chosen by auto manufacturers. That is why alloy wheels made from Foundry Alloys are preferred for being lighter while boasting the same strength as steel wheels as well as for providing better heat conduction that can help dissipate heat from brakes.

Foundry Alloys also give an enhanced cosmetic appearance to car wheels. We currently produce more than 90,000 metric tonnes per annum of high-quality Foundry Alloys in Properzi Ingot form.

Some Applications:

  • High Quality Automotive Wheels.
  • Truck Hubs.
  • Gas Pump Nozzles.

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