Alba was incorporated by Charter in 1968, and officially started its commercial operations in 1971 as a 120,000 metric tonnes per annum (mtpa) smelter.

Alba went public on 30 November 2010.

Alba maintains a dual listing with Ordinary Shares traded on Bahrain Bourse and Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) on London Stock Exchange - Main Market.

Ticker is ALBH for Bahrain Bourse and London Stock Exchange - Main Market.

Any potential (new) investor can buy Alba shares by either opening an account as an individual (retailer) or as an institutional investor by filling the Opening Account Form then choosing a broker. The full list of brokers is available on Bahrain Bourse website. Once the account is established, an investor can buy/or sell through the broker.

Each GDR is backed by five ordinary shares (1:5).

The share certificate can be obtained either from Bahrain Bourse (Bahrain Clear) for ordinary shares and/or from the Custodian for GDRs.

Any shareholder can contact Alba’s Investor Relations Team or Bahrain Bourse (Bahrain Clear) for the Shareholder Register.

Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company B.S.C.© - 69.38%

Sabic Industrial Investments Company - 20.62%.

KPMG Fakhro.

You can download it from the 'Publication' pages of the IR and Media sections of our website.
You may also contact Alba’s Investor Relations on

You can download the Investor Toolkit from this website, through the IR section.

Alba’s Board of Directors recommend the dividend to be paid subject to Alba shareholders’ approvals during the Annual General Meeting.

A shareholder will be entitled for dividend if he/she holds Alba share until at least one trading day after Alba’s Annual General Meeting. [The record date then is the cut-off date used by Alba to determine which of its shareholders are entitled for dividend. The record date is the day following the ex-dividend date while cum-dividend date falls one trading day prior ex-dividend date].

The ordinary general meeting is held during the three months following the end of Alba’s financial year (the Company’s financial year ends in December). The AGM will be held in March 2025 and Alba will publish the invitation to the public at least 21 days before the AGM meeting.

Building 150, Road 94, Block 951, Askar, King Hamad Highway.