17 Jan 2022

Alba welcomes high-level delegation from ALEASTUR

Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba), the world’s largest smelter ex-China, welcomed a high-level delegation from Spanish-based ALEASTUR on Sunday 16 January 2022. The ALEASTUR delegation comprising Leopoldo Galán - MD Aleastur Aluminium Business Unit & COO, Enrique Sela - Country Manager Aleastur Middle East WLL, Alberto Fernández - Interim Plant Manager Aleastur Middle East WLL and Meshari Saeed - Production Manager Aleastur Middle East WLL were welcomed by Alba’s Chief Executive Officer Ali Baqali, Chief Marketing Officer Khalid A. Latif, Chief Supply Officer Waleed Tamimi, and other senior officials from Alba.

While Alba and ALEASTUR have been in a long-standing business partnership spanning more than two decades, Alba will look forward to supplying its metal - proudly made in Bahrain - to ALEASTUR’s state-of-the-art aluminium grain refiners and master alloys’ production facility in the Kingdom which was recently announced as part of the Kingdom’s Aluminium Downstream Park.

Commenting on this visit, Alba’s Chief Executive Officer Ali Al Baqali said:

“We see massive opportunities when one of our suppliers launch their first overseas facility in Bahrain to cater not only for us but also to major Aluminium producers and casthouses in the region.

What makes this move all the way interesting is that Alba will be the supplier of choice for high-quality Aluminium for their Bahrain facility, thus making ALEASTUR Alba’s customer and supplier at the same time.

We also look forward to strengthening our ties with ALEASTUR on different fronts especially in respect to ESG discipline.”

Adding further, ALEASTUR’s CEO Sergio Martinez stated:

“Today we officially delivered to Alba, a long-term customer and strategic player in the industry, the first material manufactured in our new plant in Bahrain. This milestone is full of meaning for ALEASTUR GROUP, which represents our upgraded global capabilities and confirms our full commitment to our peers in the region.”

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