4 Apr 2022

Alba launches month-long Ramadan SHE Campaign

Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba), the world’s largest smelter ex-China, launched its month-long Ramadan Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Campaign ‘Responsible at all times’ today 04 April 2022 with the aim to furthering employees and contractors’ awareness on staying safe, healthy and productive during the Holy Month.

Alba’s Chief Executive Officer Ali Al Baqali opened the month-long campaign with a keynote addressed to Alba Executive Management and select employees in the SHE Hall and the same was broadcasted through virtual means of communications to all employees across the plant.

He stated: “No matter the season or situation, our tailor-made awareness campaigns will always emphasise one main message ‘Safety First, Safety Always, Safety At All Times’.

Through this year’s Ramadan SHE Campaign, we seek to encourage our employees and contractors’ workers to maintain healthy habits that will support their overall wellbeing throughout Ramadan. It is also a reminder to not get into the comfort zone and continue adhering to COVID-19 protocols for the Safety of everyone in Alba and in Bahrain.”

As part of Alba’s Ramadan SHE Campaign, every week will explore a new theme - Boosting our Health & Focus, Eliminating Food Waste and Safe Socialising, which will be discussed in the course of the shopfloor visits, during the day and post-Iftar, by members of the Executive Management, Directors and Managers. Virtual lectures by external health and safety specialists will also be held throughout the Month of Ramadan.

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