Alba’s ACEO Ali Al Baqali kicks-off the ‘Annual Majlis’ 2020

January 13, 2020

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Ali Al Baqali kicked-off the ‘Annual Majlis’ 2020 of Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba), today, Monday 13 January, the first since his appointment as the Acting Chief Executive Officer in 2019. Today’s session marks the first of the many to be held over the course of this week for Alba’s Executive Management, Directors, Management and employees from various departments at the Alba Oasis Hall.
An opportunity for the ACEO to communicate with the employees vis-à-vis two-way communication, the Annual Majlis is a platform to engage with Alba’s workforce whose common interests revolve around the Aluminium industry and its contribution to Bahrain.
Speaking to the audience at the Annual Majlis 2020, the ACEO Ali Al Baqali said:
“At a time when the only constant in life is change, we as a Company must have the right preparedness to adapt to the changes amidst market uncertainty. As we set Alba’s 2020 Expectations – Safety Globe, Beyond Line 6 and Legacy of Titan - we aim to achieve bigger now that Line 6 is fully ramped-up, boost our production to 1,540,000 metric tonnes in 2020 all the while focus on our sustainability initiatives in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030.”
During the Annual Majlis, Al Baqali stressed on strengthening Alba’s Safety Culture and continue with the same momentum to exceed 16 million working-hours without LTIs achieved to-date; progress on the Spent Pot Lining Treatment Plant to be operational by Q1 2021 [Alba has already signed a 25-year lease-term]; consider Line 7 as a future expansion project as well as develop our employees and constantly engage with our community. He also thanked the Alba Management and the employees for 2019 achievements.
2020 Annual Majlis will adopt a two-way communication model to allow participating employees and the presenter/s to engage in active Q&A sessions to address various issues as well as the Company’s 2020 Objectives.