"On 02 August 2020​, for example,
Alba achieved a massive
24.5M working hours without
a single Lost Time Injury (LTI)"
Safety is intrinsic to our work culture. It defines how we do our work, and shapes the way we conduct our operations. Safety measures are regularly updated to meet our changing needs. Everyone at Alba is inducted and trained in health and safety practices by ISO 45001 certified safety personnel.

We have been able to set new safety standards by being constantly focused on safety. For example, Alba achieved an LTI-Free Year in 2019 and a massive 24.5 million work hours without a single Lost Time Injury (LTI) on 02 August 2020, strengthening its reputation as one of the safest aluminium smelters in the world.

Our significant achievements in safety reflect the success of the company’s long-standing commitment to create a safe working environment and making safety a guiding principle in all areas of work. Winning prestigious international safety awards from reputed awarding bodies like the British Safety Council (BSC) and Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), UK, as well as the National Safety Council (NSC), USA, for many consecutive years is another testimony to our unrelenting pursuit of occupational safety.​

We are constantly upgrading safety systems through the active involvement of our Risk Assessment Committee, which examines all potential risk situations in the plant and help in enhancing safety on the shop floor.​​​