"At the centre of Alba’s
occupational health
initiatives is Alba
Healthcare Centre"
Alba remains at the forefront of ensuring employees' benefit from a safe work environment, enabling them to be healthy and productive. At the centre of Alba’s occupational health initiatives is the Alba Healthcare Centre, which is regarded as one of the most advanced medical facilities available in any industrial organisation in Bahrain.

The Alba Healthcare Centre provides comprehensive range of medical services to all Alba employees, as well as emergency services to residents in the neighbouring areas. Moreover, it regularly conducts various campaigns and health awareness lectures targeting the company’s workforce.

In 2006, Alba began providing its employees with medical insurance packages as a joint project between the Alba Management and the company's Labour Union. The aim of this project was to further enhance and enrich the quality of medical services being provided to Alba employees. Moreover, in 2015, Alba has extended its insurance to cover employees’ families too for those who need it and for reasonable fees.

Alba supports numerous community-oriented programmes such as the blood donation drives organised since 1978. This campaign is held twice a year to support the Central Blood Bank at the Salmaniya Medical Centre.