Global Corporate Responsibility

"Energy efficiency is
at the heart of addressing
 challenges of
climate change."
Our global corporate responsibility that goes with our role as producers of this unique metal of the future lies primarily in facing the challenge of climate change. We share this responsibility with every business participating in the global economy. The International Aluminium Institute states that the aluminium industry is moving with the rest of the world to combat climate change. With our immense versatility, smart uses of aluminium will be substantial in finding solutions across applications.

Along with the global aluminium industry we play our part in employing a lifecycle approach to address the challenges of climate change, focusing not only on the energy required to produce aluminium products but also on the energy savings to be made through their use and reuse. The high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminium plays a crucial role in producing lighter vehicles and other forms of transport, reducing fuel consumption without compromising performance and safety.