"Since 1990, we have
invested more than
US$589 million
in environmental
conservation projects"
Alba has earned international praise and recognition for being fiercely committed to implementing highest environmental standards across the organisation.

The success Alba has enjoyed in meeting this goal has resulted in a variety of prestigious awards. In 1997, Alba was awarded the United Nations Environment Protection (UNEP) Award, and in 2000, the Millennium Business Award for Environmental Achievement. Moreover, in 2005, Alba was the only plant in the region to earn the GCC Prize for the Best Industrial Establishment that complies with Environmental Standards and Specifications. Most recently, Alba was recognised with the Green World Award 2016 for Environmental Best Practice.

Producing high quality products should never be at the cost of the environment has been one of the company’s guiding policies. Our numerous environmental initiatives speak for themselves.

Since 1990, we have invested more than US$589 million in environmental conservation. These projects have focused on waste management and on reducing the emissions of harmful gasses.

For example, Alba installed seven fume treatment plants between 1992 and 2002 at a cost of US$130 million. The plants, which operate at 99.5 percent efficiency, prevent fluoride emissions from escaping into the atmosphere. The energy we use in the aluminium production process is simultaneously employed in seawater desalination. This results in Alba producing great amounts of potable water that it contributes to the Electricity & Water Authority for household consumption in Bahrain. Since vast amounts of water are used in the cooling process, the steam that results from this process is then used to generate additional power in order to save on valuable natural gas energy.