Clientele Profile

“Founded in 1975, Aluminium Products Company (ALUPCO) is the largest extrusion company in the Middle East and Africa (MENA Region).”

Established in 1975, Aluminium Products Company (ALUPCO) is the largest extrusion company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA Region). ALUPCO Headquarters and it is first ever extrusion plant in Dammam. There are a total of 9 presses now that are located in between Dammam and Jeddah with a total capacity exceeding 85,000 MT per year. ALUPCO maintains very high-quality standards that are confirmed and complying with European (EN), German (DIN), British (BS), American (ASTM) and the Saudi (SASO) standards in every step of its operations. ALUPCO is well known for its variety of Aluminium extruded profiles in different shapes and surface treatment like mill finish, powder coated, anodized, wood finish and polished. Towards energy sustainability especially in the construction sector and to provide advanced solutions, ALUPCO has formed strategic partnerships with international companies like ALUK (Italian Architectural Systems Company) and ALUBOND (American Brand of Aluminium Composite Panels). ALUPCO has also developed its own Architectural Thermal Break Systems for doors, windows and curtain walls to minimize heat transfer in the buildings from outside to inside. ALUPCO operates sales offices in Saudi Arabia; Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh, UAE (Dubai) & Egypt (Cairo) to ensure best services towards customer in ME, GCC, North Africa and Europe.

Al Taiseer

Altaiseer Aluminium Company was established in 1976 as a fabricator to manufacture doors, windows and kitchen cabinets. From its humble beginning, the company has continued to diversify and expand to manufacture world-class façade & architectural aluminium works in 1983. With this progress, they were able to move to a larger space in 2nd industrial area of Riyadh. The company did not stop to innovate and strengthen its abilities to develop its strategies and techniques. As a result, they achieved their first milestone, to commence the processing of powder coating, the first ever commercial powder coating line in Saudi Arabia. The company was able to find an opportunity to import an awesome technology from Europe to provide the products in the Gulf Region. In 1992, it achieved another breakthrough by introducing the manufacturing of polyester powder and Gulf Polyester Powder Coating Company took over in this development. The company has further diversified and entered into the production of Aluminium Extrusion in 1994 where they initially started with only one Extrusion Press.

Currently, they have six (6) extrusion presses from SMS Germany, and they have the production capacity of 60,000 m tons per annum. The operations are under the quality management system ISO 9001-2008 and had been upgraded to ISO 9001- 2015 just within the span of six (6) months. All their products are ensured to meet the international standard & tolerance like BSI, ASTM & EN Standards.

The strength of Al Taiseer Aluminium Company is the quality of the products supplied and the competent services offered to their customers. They always prioritize the effort in providing products that are in accordance to the requirements to meet international standards. The success of Al Taiseer Aluminium Company lies on the satisfaction of our customers. TALCO develops a special packing system to facilitate the loading and handling and unloading of containers which reduce handling damages and protect the product for ocean freight. Currently, their products are being supplied to over 40 countries including GCC countries, Arab World, East Asia, Australia, U.S.A and Europe.


“Founded in 1972 Cortizo is known for being the first manufacturer and distributor of aluminium and PVC system for the architecture and industry sector in Spain, as well as one of the sector’s leading companies in Europe.

Cortizo is known for being the first manufacturer and distributor of aluminium and PVC system for the architecture and industry sector in Spain, as well as one of the sector’s leading companies in Europe. Based in La Coruña, Spain. Established in 1972. Aluminios Cortizo SA is a producer of aluminium extrusions. The company is known to be the principal manufacturer and distributor of industrial aluminium profiles in Spain. Cortizo stands out for completing the whole manufacturing cycle of aluminium: foundry, extrusion, powder coating, anodizing, chemical brightening, CNC machining, packaging, storage and distribution. Cortizo has nine Production centres with production capacity of 150,000 tonnes per annum, 3,338 workers and sales network over 31 countries.


“Founded in 1962 BORBET stands for perfect quality, innovative technologies and pioneering design - valuable work that has made us a sought-after partner for the automobile industry and specialty retail.

t’s a Family business and traditional company. Since 1962, their heritage company from Germany’s Sauerland region has become a worldwide leader in the manufacture of light alloy wheels. The reason for this: BORBET stands for perfect quality, innovative technologies and pioneering design - valuable work that has made them a sought-after partner for the automobile industry and specialty retail. At the same time, they still consider us a family with unbounded passion for our craft, deep affinity to our roots that stretch back to 1881, and the lofty objective of always giving our best for their customers.

They want to excite people: their customers, partners, and employees - everyone with whom BORBET is connected. For this reason, they develop, produce and sell our high-quality light alloy wheels, which fulfil the highest standards in every regard. They unite design and safety, longevity, and functionality. Elements of an unmistakable signature: a BORBET wheel can be identified by aficionados even without a logo!

In order to ensure that this uniqueness endures, they invest in sustainable, value-orientated and international growth with a focus on quality and innovation. The highest possible degree of profitability, productivity and efficiency coupled with optimum use of resources at all levels of production are decisive factors for success in the face of stiff competition on the global market. This is also anchored in the BORBET management policy.


Constellium’s history dates back more than a century. The company is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high value-added aluminium products and solutions focusing mainly on automotive, aerospace, packaging, defense and transportation sectors Constellium operates more than 28 manufacturing sites in Europe, North America, and China. The capabilities include extrusions and rolled products, automotive structural components, and recycling. Constellium has approximately 12,500 employees around the world and has closed 2022 with revenues of EUR 8.1 Billion


Aludium was created in 2015 but the facilities that form the company have a history dating back over 60 years. The company has over 900 employees and is leader in the manufacturing of flat rolled aluminum products. With production sites in Spain and France, Aludium’s products are exported worldwide to the architecture, energy, insulation, equipment, packaging and transportation sectors. The company has an annual production capacity of 250,000mt


“Founded in 1972, HANDS has been consistently growing and leading the industry in alloy wheel manufacturing in Korea.” HANDS is the largest alloy wheel manufacturer in Korea. Since the establishment in 1972, HANDS has been consistently growing and leading the industry in alloy wheel manufacturing. Alba supplies alloyed aluminium ingots to HANDS that are used to make wheels for top car makers in Korea and rest of the world. Over the years, HANDS has won several industry and national awards. In 2015, HANDS was awarded grand prize of Korea Sejong-Daewang Sharing Volunteer Service. In the same year, it was selected as an Outstanding Enterprise of Company Renovation and of Competitive Power for Quality

Management philosophy of HANDS is:

  • Faithful to basic, think different and do different
  • Enjoy happiness and richness of mind
  • Pride to be members of HANDS Corporation and enjoy work

Five fingers of a hand can be used to describe five key elements of HANDS’ management philosophy:

  1. Trust – HANDS builds credit with its customers
  2. Happiness – HANDS cares that small things make a better world
  3. Center – HANDS stands on the top and at the center of the world
  4. Direction – HANDS pursues to benefit customers and humanity
  5. No. 1 – HANDS thinks creatively as the top of the world

Founded in 1936 and is based in Australia. Capral is the largest manufacturer and distributor of aluminium profiles, Capral has a national footprint of world class aluminium extrusion plants, comprising of eight operating presses.

Capral has a comprehensive product range, innovative R&D capability, and well positioned to take advantage of changing building regulations in Australia.

Further, Capral’s strength is its people. It is through that the success of their people, is the main driver of its grow. Capral has a range of initiatives in place to ensure its people are working in rewarding roles with real opportunities for growth and development.

It’s strong values-based culture is a key part of looking after their people’s. Capral’s five core values of Safety First, Customer Success, Play Fair, Better Every Day and Own it form the basis of all aspects of our operations.

Founded in 1995, Hyundai Sungwoo metal is specializing in automobile components equipped with global level technology and high quality.

Hyundai Sungwoo Metal is seeking the path for pioneering of the future visions that can be continued onto the next generations by firmly establishing substantiality while other companies are focusing on external growth. They put utmost priority on sustainable values by considering the environment and the society simultaneously, while at the same time, pursuing enhancement of capabilities for advancement of new technologies without being content with the accomplishments they have achieved.

In addition, they are striving to become a powerful company that creates new values by learning new things and taking up the challenging of themselves with the attitude of learning from the past without being content with the fulfilment of the simple and realistic needs and uses under a diversified environments. Alba supplies alloyed aluminium ingots to Hyundai Sungwoo metal that are used to make automobile components for top car makers in Korea and rest of the world.


UACJ Corporation Founded in 2013. UACJ Corporation is a world leading comprehensive manufacture of aluminium and it has world top class manufacturing capacity and technology development capabilities.

UACJ was established in October 2013 when Furukawa-Sky Aluminium and Sumitomo Light Metal Industries merged their business operations. Both companies featured a distinguished history as aluminium producers in Japan.

Together, their annual capacity for flat rolled products exceeded 1 million tons, establishing UACJ as a top-class manufacturer, not only in Japan but throughout the world.

The scale of UACJ’s new operation ensures we stay costcompetitive and are fully able to lead the world market as a major global aluminium group originating from Japan.


The company was founded in 2002, began production in February 2004 as the youngest to produce aluminum sectors in Egypt and one production line company is a piston extrusion horizontal size 7-inch annual capacity of 6,500 tons. The development of production in the company by adding new lines until production capacity reached in August 2008 to 18,000 tonnes per year and has become the largest company to produce aluminum sectors since then until now. The establishment of a new factory and began production in January 2011 and the arrival of the production capacity to 38,000 tonnes per year and work is underway to reach production 42000 tonnes per year

The company was incorporated in 1947 and is based in Alberton, South Africa. Wispeco (Pty) Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Wispeco Holdings Ltd.

Wispeco Aluminium is the largest aluminium extruder and supplier in Africa. The company encompasses factories and distribution centres nationally. The company was incorporated in 1947 and is based in Alberton, South Africa. Wispeco (Pty) Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Wispeco Holdings Ltd.

Alba supplies alloyed aluminium Billet to Wispeco that are used to make various applications in transportation industry (truck, bus and train bodies), Due to its light weight and strength it has several advantages for use in the transport industry.

Wispeco extruded the window and door extrusions for the Gautrain train coach units. Extrudes specialized engineering profiles which include cooling fins, electrical bus bar, ladders, scaffolding, irrigation equipment, sport and camping equipment, tile edges and carpet trims, safety security doors, curtain tracks, signage sections, conveyor system sections. An extensive range of standard engineering profiles such as round tubes, round bars, flat bars, angles, and t-sections are available. It strives to offer quality products, excellent service, technical support and to be responsive to any customer queries.


Maxion Wheels and its subsidiaries have been supplying OEMs with the highest quality wheels and most innovative technologies for over 100 years. During that time, they acquired some of the most recognizable names in the industry, including Kelsey Hayes, Lemmerz and Fumagalli. Today, they put their combined expertise to work for nearly every OEM and vehicle market in the world.

They are also backed by the strength and security of their parent company, Iochpe-Maxion, which ensures that their customers can count on them f or the long-term growth, infrastructure and stability they need.

With an international network of strategically located engineering, technology and production facilities, Maxion is one of the only wheel manufacturers who can deliver on a truly global platform. This allows them to not only reduce logistical costs — it also allows them to eliminate duplicate processes, and to streamline the complexities that come from managing variation in a single vehicle platform. As they are able to implement the same design, technology and controls across multiple production lines, and to ensure a consistent and quality product whenever and wherever its need.


Founded in Struthers, Ohio in 1971, quality and service have long been the hallmark of Astro Shapes. ASTRO’s first extrusion was produced on a 1000-ton Lombard 5-in. press. In the years since, Astro Shapes has grown into a 42,000-squaremeter powerhouse with six presses at two locations that produces 70,000 mt of extrusions annually.

ASTRO’s mission is to manufacture custom-finished aluminium extrusions for markets that demand excellence in quality and service. ASTRO has been recognized as an industry leader – through employee empowerment and continuous process improvement. The organization is committed from top to bottom to quality, service, innovation, flexibility, and teamwork.

Astro Shapes has been a loyal ALBA Customer since 2011, and ALBA has grown to become one of ASTRO’s most important billet suppliers. ASTRO was one of ALBA’s first billet customers in North America.