"Innovation contributes towards
strengthening operational efficiency"
Being innovative has given Alba the necessary thrust in actualising the goals of promoting sustainability, achieving global competitiveness and strengthening operational efficiency.

These goals are in line with Alba’s determination to emerge as one of the most powerful forces in the aluminium industry – not only through the quality of metal we produce but also through the positive influence unleashed in the area of technology, environment, employee welfare and social responsibility.

Innovation, hence, provides the springboard for creating a dynamic energy in the work culture and in the value creation involved in aluminium production. It sets the stage for a whole new mindset while doing work, fulfilling required tasks, meeting goals and delivering results.

Our employees are encouraged to be innovative through the very popular Good Suggestions Scheme. Here, Alba employees can present innovative ideas that contribute to their work environment and overall safety. Many successful projects have been introduced as a result of this scheme resulting in cost effective solutions.