Other Products

Alba produces more than just high quality aluminium products. We go further and beyond in providing products and services that contribute to the aluminium value chain.

Alba is one of only two smelters in the world to have a dedicated coke calciner plant that plays a key role in enriching the pre-production process of aluminium.

With production capacity of nearly 550,000 metric tonnes per annum, Alba’s coke calciner plant ensures strict quality control is maintained at every stage of the production process.

We also make our own high quality anodes, the carbon blocks essential for the aluminium production process. Our plant has its own marine terminal to facilitate seamless operation in the importing of raw materials such as alumina and green coke from around the world. In addition, we have our own seawater desalination plant that uses the energy produced in the calcining process to produce fresh water that also helps in meeting local demand for potable water in Bahrain.