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The aluminium smelting process is highly power intensive due to the electrolysis process involved. Alba is able to support and ensure self-sufficiency in meeting our extensive energy requirements. This is accomplished through our own dedicated power plant with its three environmentally friendly power stations boasting a total power generating capacity of 3,665 MW ISO. This is equivalent to the average power consumed in the Kingdom of Bahrain as a whole.

The power stations are equipped with state-of-the-art automatic control systems to operate the plants most efficiently, while maintaining the necessary spinning reserves. We also have an extensive power distribution network for supplying
secure power to all areas within Alba as well as our own Reverse Osmosis plants to cater to Alba’s complete potable and industrial quality water requirements.

In our efforts to optimise the natural gas consumption for power generation, we utilise the waste heat generated in the gas turbines in the form of exhaust gases. The heat from the exhaust gases is used to generate steam in boilers for producing additional electricity through the use of steam turbines. This combined cycle technology is very efficient and used extensively throughout the world.

Alba is energy independent since we produce our own power without requiring government supplies or any private company to fulfil our energy needs. We have our own power maintenance, operations and project teams to manage all the power requirements. While we generate the required power necessary for running one of the leading aluminium production plants in the world, we make a concerted effort to minimise pollution and help conserve Bahrain’s natural gas resources.