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Calcined Coke

Calcined petroleum coke is the major raw material required for the production of carbon anodes used in the aluminium smelting process. Green coke (raw coke) is the product of the coker unit in a crude oil refinery and must possess sufficiently low metal content in order to be used as anode material.

The quality of calcined petroleum coke has a vital role in the resultant quality and performance of anodes. It has a bearing on the cost of metal production and the purity of metal. The Alba Calciner plant has established superior standards of process capability to produce high quality calcined petroleum coke. The plant was commissioned in May 2001 and upgraded in 2004. The setting up of the plant has eliminated the need to import the primary material used for the producti​on of carbon anodes and gives us complete control over the quality of our anodes, directly enhancing the aluminium production value chain.  

Today, we have one of the most modern calciner plants in the world, which can produce as much as 550,000 metric tonnes of calcined petroleum coke every year. It is highly mechanised and automatic with several unique features such as indirect cooling mechanism and the only completely covered green coke storage facility in the world.

The three main raw materials used by Alba – alumina, petroleum coke and pitch – are unloaded 10km from the main Alba plant at the company’s own marine terminal. Using 65% of the calcined coke we produce to make anodes for the production of our own primary aluminium has earned us wide recognition across the world for the exceptionally high quality of calcined coke.​