We produce more than just top quality metal. We produce a unique experience for our customers in meeting the stringent requirements for their end products, and bringing value to their production process. Our portfolio of products includes Foundry grade re-melt products (T-Ingots, 10 Kg Standard Ingots, 22.5 Kg Standard Ingots, and Properzi Bars 9.7 Kg), Rolling Ingots (Slabs), Extrusion Ingots (Billets), Unalloyed P1020 re-melt products (T-Ingots, 10 Kg Standard Ingots, 22.5 Kg Standard Ingots, and Sows) and Liquid Metal. We also provide superior technical support services that have earned the trust and loyalty of our growing list of customers around the world.
As the world’s largest smelter ex-China, Alba is recognised for technological excellence, innovative solutions, high quality products, outstanding technical services, and strict compliance to safety and environment regulations.​
We currently produce more than 1.548M metric tonnes per annum of high quality primary aluminium products at our location in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Being in the heart of the resource rich Gulf region gives us a tremendous geographical advantage due to proximity to the markets of Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa.
We pride ourselves in consistently maintaining metal purity above 99.88 per cent, and unrivalled flexibility in producing whatever quantities and specifications required to satisfy our customers. The aluminium produced at Alba is exported across the globe to more than 25 countries… and even into outer space! In 1997, Alba's aluminium was used for producing the solar panels on “Sojourner” rover used in the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft.
Tingot Extrusion Billet
Liquid Metal Standard Ingots
Foundry Alloy Ingot Rolling Slabs