When it comes to car safety, only the highest quality and most reliable materials are chosen by auto manufacturers. That is why alloy wheels made from foundry alloy ingots are preferred for being lighter while boasting the same strength as steel wheels and for providing better heat conduction that can help dissipate heat from brakes. This improves performance and reduces the chance of brake failure due to overheating. They also give an enhanced cosmetic appearance to car wheels. We currently produce more than 175,000 metric tonnes per annum of high quality foundry alloys in either Standard or Properzi ingot form.

High purity primary metal is selected from the pot rooms for use in the manufacture of foundry alloys. High quality foundry alloys are based on either a nominal 7% or 11% Silicon (Si) alloy. We supply foundry ingot in either Standard or Properzi form according to preferences specified by individual customers. Properzi ingot is chosen by customers because this patented technology allows for increased productivity and highly improved ingot quality. It is easy to pack and store due to its shape. The smaller space requirement between stacked ingots considerably reduces transportation costs.

Alba foundry alloy ingots exceed the most stringent quality requirements. They are mainly used by the automotive industry for manufacturing high quality automotive wheels, truck hubs and gas pump nozzles. ​​
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