We produce high purity aluminium with minimum aluminium content of 99.88 per cent. The metal, at these purity levels or higher, is supplied in liquid form to downstream industries in Bahrain. Since it takes around 5 hours for the liquid metal to solidify, we are able to transfer it in crucibles to customers whose premises are located minutes away from the smelter. What this means is that these customers can then cast their aluminium products directly, thus saving time and operation. Our major downstream industries are Midal Cables, Bahrain Alloys Manufacturing Company (BAMCO), Bahrain Welding Wire Products Mfg. Co. (BWP), Bahrain Atomisers International (BAI), AluWheel and others.

Prior to its supply to our customers in Bahrain, the metal passes through the Treatment of Aluminium in Crucible (TAC) plant via Metal Transfer Vehicles (MTVs). This TAC treatment enhances the quality of the liquid metal by reducing the alkaline earth metals from the pot lines. All liquid metal from the pot lines is treated through the TAC plant before being transferred to the Casthouse for production of various cast products.

Our customers convert the​ liquid metal into a range of Value Added products such as primary aluminium alloys and master alloys. Primary aluminium based EC rod, alloy rod, and wire and alloy ingot are also produced from liquid metal. Other applications include aluminium powder and aluminium pellets, aluminium wires for electrical and mechanical use, curved line conductors, aluminium clad steel (ACS) wires for transmission lines, solid conductors and aluminium casting for cars and trucks wheels. ​​​
Aluminium Products - Liquid Metal