Extrusion is the process of shaping aluminium by forcing it to flow through a specifically shaped opening in a die. The extruded aluminium comes out as an elongated piece with the same profile as the die opening. Our production capacity of the extrusion ingots​ stands at 600,000 metric tonnes per annum.

Extrusion ingots are widely used in the construction industry (for windows and door frames), transportation, engineering, and consumer durables. The quality parameters for extruded products such as, surface quality, mechanical properties and the inherent metallurgical features are achieved in the production process.

Our extrusion ingot is supplied in either cut-to-length billet form from 400mm long or more commonly in long form with a saleable length of up to 5,800mm. The common log length to fit inside a container for shipment by sea is 5,800mm. In the extrusion plant the log we supply is cut to shorter length billets using either a saw or more commonly a hot shear. The cut billet is then used in the extrusion of various section profiles in solid and hollow form.

Our extrusion ingot is capable of being extruded into a range of profiles for soft to high strength applications and good surface finish for value added finishing applications such as anodising and powder coating. Typical uses of extruded products from the ingot supplied by Alba
include architectural applications, building and kitchen suite sections, which are produced from soft alloys. On the other hand, sections extruded from hard alloys are used in a variety of engineering and transport applications. The use of extruded sections in automotive applications is an increasingly important area and one that is supported by the high quality extrusion ingot that we supply.​​
Aluminium Products - Extrusion Billets