Alba’s sustainable growth and success depend heavily on the support of its vendors, as the timely and quality supply of goods and services play a crucial role in enabling Alba to achieve its production targets and sustain its competitiveness edge.

We, at Alba, implements Sustainable Procurement Policy to create positive change throughout our supply chain. We are keen to directly engage with our vendors and create partnerships that generate shared values throughout the industry, communities and world at large. Through such high-level collaboration with our vendors we are able to achieve synchronized procurement and logistics activities as well as aligned waste management.

A comprehensive set of robust policies and operating procedures are being followed in Alba’s supply chain processes. Alba’s Procurement & Warehousing (P&W), Human Resources (HR) and Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Departments continuously rate the performance of our vendors and update our systems to comply with local and international regulations as they evolve.

Alba implements a cutting-edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage the entire supply chain process. Recent implementation and integration of SAP Ariba enable “Procure-to-Pay” solution, making the system fully automated and Alba closer to achieve the fourth industrial revolution “Industry 4.0”. The system offers a common online platform for existing and prospective businesses to thrive and supports everything, from trading partner discovery and e-procurement to e-invoicing and shipping notification; allowing participants to buy, sell, track and manage cash rapidly and effectively.

Ariba Network delivers reach, flexibility, and value to both Alba and vendors for a win-win situation, enabling us to strengthen our core business through rigorous periodic vendor development in terms of supply services, quality, SHE, sourcing of critical supplies and services and performance monitoring of defined vendor criteria.

If you are not – as yet – a member of Alba’s official vendor list through Ariba Network, you can get all the Vendor General Guidelines​ you need right here.​
​We do not normally endorse applications from new general traders since we have a large number of them already registered currently.