"Building a better life
for every Bahraini"​
Vision 2030

"Sharing vision for growth
and prosperity"
Alba remains committed in pursuing the principles enshrined in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Vision 2030, a comprehensive economic vision providing a clear direction for the continued development of the Kingdom’s economy bolstered by a shared goal of building a better life for every Bahraini national. Our strategy fits right within Vision 2030’s economic and social principles since they run parallel with the vision of the country and community in which we operate.

Vision 2030 will be underpinned by the National Economic Strategy (NES) detailing strategic initiatives across a range of sectors, which together will deliver the long term aspirations outlined within the vision.

The National Economic Strategy (NES) sets the path to transform this vision into reality. It is focused on different initiatives concentrated on education and training, economy, health, and society. It aims to realise His Majesty the King’s future economic vision, which places the Bahraini citizen at the heart of growth and development and as the primary beneficiary of prosperity and the opportunities arising from economic and social development.