Metal of the Future

"Aluminium is strong and durable, does not corrode and is 100 per cent recyclable"
Since 1888, aluminium has become the second most-used metal in the world after iron. According to the International Aluminium Institute, nearly three-quarters of all aluminium ever made still remains in use today, representing a growing ‘energy and resource bank’, and it’s a fact that the metal can be re-used endlessly.

Aluminium is a unique metal. It is strong, durable, flexible, impermeable and light-weight, it does not corrode and is 100 percent recyclable. It comes in a variety of surface finishes and can take many forms, allowing its use in a vast array of products.

Aluminium helps people and the economy to operate effectively and efficiently in many areas of life such as air, road, rail and sea transport; food and medicine; packaging; construction; electronics and electricity transmission. We are committed to securing business success and continued growth towards a more sustainable global economy of the future. We will achieve this by continuously upgrading our environmental, occupational health and safety performance, and by increasing our positive socio-economic contribution through best practice in the workplace, health and safety, environmental and safety management systems, water and energy efficiency, emissions reduction including greenhouse gases, and recycling of aluminium.