"To inspire and
prepare young Bahrainis
to succeed"​​​

"Strong commitment
to Bahrainisation"
Achieving 84 percent Bahrainisation within the company is just one example of Alba living up to its commitment to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Economic Vision 20​30.

Keeping in line with this philosophy, we continue to work closely and in partnership with projects like inJAz Bahrain and Tamkeen to provide effective training programmes for Bahraini nationals. We continue to provide considerable financial and practical support to inspire young Bahrainis to succeed on the global platform.

Each year, we encourage our employees to train and successfully graduate from the various training and development programmes provided by the Company. We also work closely with leading universities and educational institutes in developing programmes that enrich the knowledge quotient of our Bahraini employees.

By supporting staff in enhancing their skills and broadening their scope of knowledge, we are taking steps in upgrading our own productivity.​