Code of Conduct

Sharing Your Concerns
At Alba, we believe in upholding the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour in everything we do. If you suspect that unethical behaviour is taking place, you should report it. Your line supervisor or manager is usually a good place to start with a concern. You may also get help or advice from a member of Alba’s Integrity Task Force, which consists of the Chief Internal Auditor, Chief Supply Officer and Legal Manager. However, if you feel uncomfortable using one of these resources, or if you are not an employee of Alba, you may also contact Integrity Line, as described below, at any time.

Retaliation will not be tolerated
Every employee should feel secure in seeking advice and in raising concerns. Alba will not tolerate retaliation against those who raise concerns in good faith.

Alba’s Integrity Line
Alba has implemented a reporting help line through which Alba employees, contractors and commercial partners, and even other stakeholders and the broader community can report on a confidential basis, any potential breaches of Alba’s Code of Conduct, including financial irregularities, fraud, bribery, corruption, conflicts of interest or any other similar matters of concern. It is called Integrity Line, and is operated by an independent company that helps businesses respond to concerns about compliance and ethics.
The Integrity Line is designed so that it can operate on a confidential basis.  You should feel free to raise concerns in good faith without fear of losing your job or suffering any form of retribution as a result. You can even make your report anonymously; however, we would prefer that you provide your name and contact information, and we assure you that these details will be kept absolutely confidential.  You can also support your report with documentary evidences and references, which can be attached to your report on the website.
Please note that this system is not an Emergency Reporting Line and should not be used to report safety, environmental or security accidents or medical emergencies. To report any such emergencies that require immediate action, please contact Alba’s Safety, Health and Environment Group on 1783 3333 and/or the appropriate national governmental emergency numbers. Staff with employee-related grievances are kindly directed to use the grievance procedure administered by Alba’s HR department.
Community Social and Environmental Concerns: The Alba Integrity Line system can also be utilised by all stakeholders to raise non-emergency concerns relating to social and environmental impacts, such as Traffic Management and/or other community-related issues.