Alba sets a new standard in employee’s training and development

July 14, 2020

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Setting a new standard in employee’s training and development, Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C (Alba), the world’s largest aluminium smelter ex-China has successfully adopted virtual platforms for training its employees and contractors since April 2020.
“COVID-19 has dramatically changed the global training & education sector, giving a distinctive rise to virtual platforms. As we find our balance in the new norm, Alba has reshaped its training and development programmes so that our people continue to learn and grow, which in turn will help Alba stay ahead of the curve,” said Alba’s Chief Executive Officer Ali Al Baqali.
Training and Development has always been one of Alba’s top priorities. In the wake of COVID-19 Pandemic, the Company’s Human Resources & Training Department quickly transitioned from in-person learning to virtual and online training sessions for Alba employees as well as contractors.
Alba has been conducting numerous short courses and multiple-days trainings by in-house instructors and technical experts as well as well-known external training providers. The Company will continue to expand its virtual and online training portfolio to fulfil the objectives of its Master Training Plan, which was announced in October 2019.

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