We are pleased to provide online 'Vendor Registration' in order to identify prospective business enterprises available, to provide equipment, MRO supplies and services. Please follow the simple process below for a quick online registration.

  1. Take time to read the Vendor General Guidelines to be a vendor.
  2. Complete the online registration request process.
  3. Upon successful pre-qualification of your application, you will be registered on Alba's list of approved vendors.
  4. You will then be formally approached by our Purchasing section in the tendering process.

You will be required to submit the credentials in electronic format, preferably scanned and converted to PDF format files, and not exceeding file size of 500KB each. The list of such credentials required can be viewed before hand at the sample of the form. We recommend that all the scanned electronic documents files are kept ready for upload, before proceeding to the registration process. You will receive an e-mail confirmation shortly after submitting the completed registration request along with your application reference number. Only upon successful qualification, you will be assigned an internal vendor code and informed that your application was successful.

However, we would like to draw your attention to the following conditions:

  • Your application does not necessarily pre-qualify you as Alba's approved vendor and selection is solely at the discretion of Alba.
  • Your intent does not guarantee that you will be approached by Alba Purchasing as a regular source.
  • Pre-qualification does not qualify you to supply "Quality Sensitive" supplies.

As our potential valued vendor, you are very important to us. Our vendors provide us with the solutions to meet our business goals. Therefore, we have a stringent selection process according to set criteria for your pre-qualification. We undertake a comprehensive screening procedure prior to including any organisation on Alba's approved list of vendors. These include background checks on your current and past financial performance; safety, health and environment policies and standards; HR policies and operating policies and procedures, nature of business and clientele. As part of the pre-qualification procedure, we may also approach you, for a visit at your premises by a panel of our commercial and technical representatives depending on the type of materials or services offered.

​We do not normally endorse applications from new general traders since we have a large number of them already registered currently.