Training and Development

​"Your partner in developing
your future"
As a leading employer of Bahrainis, we believe that it is only through dedication and an enduring commitment to professional development that both our company and our country can continue to grow and achieve success.
For 5 decades, we have been committed to providing Bahraini nationals with meaningful training opportunities that help build successful careers. By Supporting the career and training of our employees​, the vision and mission of Alba can be successfully accomplished.
Our training programmes have been specifically designed with the business in mind, which equips trainees with the knowledge and work related skills. We also participate and work closely with many national organisations with an aim to provide trainees with the knowledge, skills, tools and technical on-the-job training they need for successful employment.
As a corporate citizen proud of its Bahraini roots, Alba wants to ensure that our company is a unique and excellent place for our employees to work, and in line with the same, we remain committed to strengthen our learning culture. We aim to strengthen its reputation as an employer of choice amongst nationals through numerous training initiatives such as Training Development Programme (TDP), Skill Matrix, 'Al Jisr' Programme and Higher Education in various fields, which enable employees to enhance their potential and become future leaders.