Research & Development

"At the forefront of innovation through investments in research and development"
We have always been committed to continuous improvement and adaptation of advanced technology in our operations. Our research and development initiatives aim to create a systematic approach to innovation and improve production processes as well as administrative and technical operations by using the latest and most advanced technology.

Alba is currently working on a number of key R&D projects including, continuous coating for carbon anodes. After an extremely successful trial on 600 anodes, the programme will now be replicated plant wide. The potential financial savings here are expected to be US$11.2 million per annum in addition to a 62,000mt annual reduction in CO2 emissions.

Another important project is the Alba Pot Control System Technology, which will yield a saving of BD 4 million using Alba’s knowledge.

We realise the importance of sharing experience and expertise.That is why we formed strategic alliances with local and international universities and educational institutions that would provide new opportunities in aluminium research. These include University of Bahrain, University of Oakland, New Zealand and University of New South Wales, Australia.